В современном течении жизни успех в бизнесе зачастую зависит от того, как быстро мы реагируем на конъюнктуру рынка.

Wladimir Steinert
“Steinert Industries GmbH”

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Steinert Industries GmbH – a German investment-industrial group, created and acting under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, with its head office situated in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg (Germany), is a successor of «Heinrich Glaeser» – one of the oldest German companies, founded in 1888 and conducting its business in the markets all around the [...]



Launch of the flat glass producing plant “Interglass” 04.05.2012

Dear Sir/Madam! We are glad to inform you about forthcoming launching of the flat glass producing plant “Interglass”, located in Tokmak (Kyrgyzstan), after the scheduled reconstruction of its production line. The detailed information you can find at http://www.interglass.kg/