• Termo Dom

    IP OOO “Termo Dom” (Akhangaran city, Uzbekistan) was founded in 2007 by German company “Steinert Industries GmbH” (Germany) in the industrial area of Akhangaran city, aiming to produce high-quality ceramic face brick of high grade. Production is based on three groups of clay from Kaynar field: red hoarse-grained clay, red small-grained clay and white clay. [...]

  • Vkusniy Hleb

    Foreign enterprise OOO “Vkusniy Hleb” was founded by German company “Steinert Industries GmbH” in 2007 on the basis of Halkabad bread-making plant situated in Yangiyul area of Tashkent region. Reconstruction and modernization of the plant has significantly improved volumes of production and quality of the produced goods. Today, IP OOO “Vkusniy Hleb” is a modern, [...]

  • Tehnoinvest-ST

    IP OOO “TEXNOINVEST-ST” is a subsidiary production unit of “Steinert Industries GmbH” founded in October 2004. Today it is the only multi-industry complex in Central Asia which has become one of the leading enterprises in Uzbekistan glass processing market. The enterprise conducts the following types of activities – production of doubl-glazed windows – production of [...]