“Technoinvest-ST” is a subsidiary production unit of “Steinert Industries GmbH” founded in October 2004.

Today it is the only multi-industry complex in Central Asia which has become one of the leading enterprises in Uzbekistan glass processing market.

The enterprise conducts the following types of activities

– production of doubl-glazed windows

– production of flat and bend quenched glass

– production of laminated glass (triplex)

– production of building glass

– art processing of glass

– fabrication of decorative stained-glass windows

– art processing of metal

– fabrication of furniture

– fabrication of vinyl windows and structural aluminum

The plant is equipped with modern European equipment produced by leading German, Italian, Swiss and French manufacturers.

Progressive equipment and advanced technologies enable the enterprise to produce a wide range of European quality production, satisfying needs and considering interests of wide range of customers.

Experienced personnel of the enterprise combined with its technique guarantee high quality of the production and short terms of order execution.

“Technoinvest-ST” continues extending its scope of activity developing new types of production, constantly updating and modernizing production technologies.