About Us

Steinert Industries GmbH occupies a leading position among glass manufacturers, offering products that meet high European quality standards.

We are proud of our rich history of success in the building materials industry. Since 1990, we have successfully established ourselves as one of the largest investors in Central Asia. Our modern, independent production facilities grant us a high capacity yield.

Our areas of expertise include the production of sheet glass, Mirror, isolation glass,modern architectural glass solutions, as well as the production of energy-efficient ceramic bricks.

Key figures:

  • Number of employees: more than 3,500 worldwide.
  • Daily production reaches 600 tons of flat glass.
  • Annual output of more than 20 million units of ceramic bricks.

Product quality is the company’s main priority. Our company’s factories are equipped with modern equipment from global manufacturers. We regularly introduce modern innovative solutions and technologies aimed at improving the quality and energy efficiency of production processes. Our products meet strict European quality standards and have EU certificates.