Termo Dom

“Termo Dom” (Akhangaran city, Uzbekistan) was founded in 2007 by German company “Steinert Industries GmbH” (Germany) in the industrial area of Akhangaran city, aiming to produce high-quality ceramic face brick of high grade.

Production is based on three groups of clay from Kaynar field: red hoarse-grained clay, red small-grained clay and white clay. In association with experts from «HANS LING Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik & Co. KG» Company (Germany) we conducted thorough laboratory analysis of mineralogical, chemical, granulometric composition and chose the optimum conditions for drying of semiprocessed articles as well as the temperature condition of firing for specific compositions.

Today, the enterprise is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality ceramic facing brick in Uzbekistan. At present time the enterprise provides uninterrupted supply of ceramic brick to the customers of all regions of Uzbekistan. Innovative technologies applied at the enterprise allow to manufacture high quality production at competitive price.