Vkusniy Hleb

Foreign enterprise “Vkusniy Hleb” was founded by German company “Steinert Industries GmbH” in 2007 on the basis of Halkabad bread-making plant situated in Yangiyul area of Tashkent region.

Reconstruction and modernization of the plant has significantly improved volumes of production and quality of the produced goods.

Today, “Vkusniy Hleb” is a modern, efficient enterprise, operating on the basis of progressive technologies. High-technology equipment manufactured by leading European and Russian manufacturers enable the enterprise to produce wide range of bakery products, currently exceeding 70 items.

We tend to provide our customers with quality products produced from natural components. Our enterprise operates in compliance with existing baking norms and standards and guarantees high quality of produced goods. All the production manufactured by “Vkusniy Hleb” does not contain any artificial flavourings, preservation agents or taste improvers.

High professionalism of the personnel, use of natural high-quality raw materials enables to produce bread complying with international standards and we are proud of it.